What to choose among the three leading OS in the world- Android, Windows and Iphone is one of the most frequently asked opinion by people and this is the reason that brings My Smart Price to you a study that shows that soon Windows would leave behind Iphone, one of the major rulers in the market, with its fast developing apps and brilliant improvement in its overall performance.

This study shows 9 different things in which a Windows phone is doing better than an Iphone and also includes a prediction by IDC about the Mobile OS market share by the end of 2015, where windows would lead after Android. 

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Oh what a year 2014 has been. From great shopping festivals and mind blowing deals to super affordable smartphones, smartwatches and high tech cameras, this year had them all. We at MySmartPrice had a great year too, helping nearly 20 million users every month find the best price on smartphones, cameras and many other devices. Here’s taking a look at the top Smartphones, Camera and Tablets of 2014 and what to expect in 2015. This is the MySmartPrice Report 2014. The top lists have been drawn from our general website traffic as well as actual sales of products. Read further for details on the top sellers of 2014.
mobile_rating_1_Websafe (2)Top 10 Mobile Phones

Quite a few high-profile smartphones were launched in 2014, but most of the best-selling phones have been around since last year. From budget devices like the Nokia Lumia 520 (which offered one of the best smartphone experiences at a budget) to the extremely popular Apple iPhone 5s, consumers in the country showed interest in smartphones from every segment. High-end devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the Nexus 5 attracted more attention. Speaking of Samsung, its devices continue to be rather popular, with a total of 6 Samsung devices coming up in the top 10 mobile phones over the course of this eventful year.

Top 10 Mobile Phones (Sales)

When it came to actual sales, flagship smartphones failed to garner the same interest as cheaper, more affordable devices, which is a good sign of how the budget mobile market is continuing to see a major boom in India. But unlike previous years, 2014 saw a slew of phones that offered a top-notch experience at prices that were previously reserved for devices that barely chugged along even in general usage. Motorola’s Moto G and Moto E did extremely well, Micromax continued to see a lot of sales for its Canvas lineup, and the Xiaomi Redmi 1s created quite a storm thanks to Flipkart’s flash sale format, and because it packed some of the best hardware for a phone that costed less than ₹7,000 (and still does).

Top 15 Upcoming Phones of 2015 

2015 seems set to be just as interesting as the year we will be saying goodbye to. The Yu Yureka, part of Micromax’s new smartphone brand, has received a lot of attention, both due to its features and because it stole the thunder of another extremely well-priced and powerful device, the OnePlus One. Quite a lot of visitors checked out the BlackBerry Classic and BlackBerry Passport, phones built for fans of BlackBerry and physical QWERTY keyboards, and in Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy A3 and A5, two devices that mark Samsung’s debut with fully metallic smartphones.

Our visitors also showed interest in devices like the Samsung Galaxy S6 and LG G4, which will undoubtedly be making an appearance next year and likely improving a lot on the already great Galaxy S5 and LG G3. Xiaomi isn’t far behind in the game, as both the Mi4 and Redmi Note 4G drew a lot of traffic. Unsurprising given how popular Xiaomi seems to have become in the course of a few months, and a telling sign of how smaller manufacturers are giving tough competition to established players like Samsung.

Top 5 Tablets 

Apple’s iPad continued to rule the roost in the tablet segment, with three of the top 5 tablets being iPads. The other two tablets come from Samsung’s camp, though as one can easily notice, it was Samsung’s budget tabs that raked in more visitors and not the company’s high-end range. Interest was low in tablets from other manufacturers, though maybe that isn’t a bad thing, considering how large-screen smartphones are slowly but surely reducing the importance of tablet devices.

Top 5 Tablets (Sales)

Tablet sales painted a different picture, highlighting the popularity of tablets that support voice calls at an affordable price. Four of the top 5 tablets that sold extremely well have voice calling capabilities, suggesting that many users prefer having a single device that can act as a phone and as a large screen into the smartphone world. Apple’s iPad Mini did well, too, but the trend was clear that it’s the low-cost tablet segment that’s driving the market.

Top 5 Cameras

DSLR cameras were the top choice of our visitors in terms of traffic, with not a single point-and-shoot camera making it to the top 5. Nikon is doing pretty well – four of the top 5 cameras our visitors searched for were from Nikon, while the Canon EOS 1200d also attracted a lot of visitors looking to buy a camera.

Top 5 Cameras (Sales)

When it comes to sales, the trend was pretty similar as far as Nikon is concerned, three of the best-selling cameras were Nikon cameras. But here, point-and-shoot cameras also came into the picture. DLSR cameras are still quite costly compared to standard dedicated cameras, which is probably the reason why those point-and-shoots managed to make their way into the hands of consumers despite DLSR cameras coming out on top where our website traffic is concerned.

MySmartPrice recently conducted a survey among visitors regarding the availability of warranty on products purchased online. With recent news of brands denying warranty on products online or discouraging buyers from buying online, we asked people how many were denied warranty. The pictograph below shows all the insights we gained from the responses of over 20000 users. Read further for more detail on the survey.




  1. Among the people who claim warranty on products bought online, 54% are denied warranty at least once. This often happens at the service centers run or supported by offline retailers.
  2. However, it is also important to note that only 1.54% of all people who buy online have the need to claim warranty. Online products thus are of reliable quality in general and any defects are purely statistical.
  3. The process of claiming warranty for a product online is usually completed within a week or two. However, for over 55% of claims the process takes more than a month to complete. This is usually because of the conflict between service centers and respective brands, or because of lack of service centers in the complainant’s location.
  4. The problem of claiming warranty is more pronounced in Rural India than Tier 2 and 3 Cities. Most of the Metro customers find it fairly easy to claim warranty and get support from brands.
  5. Some of the popular reasons for warranty being denied are the lack of a bill from retailer or a stamp of the retailer on the warranty book, or in some cases because the product is over a year old and as a result not eligible for warranty. In the case of old products it may be because products are considered “sold” to the merchants who sell them on the marketplace.

Survey Details

The survey was conducted by means of a popup on our website. The pop up ran for a period of 20 days. 50 lakh people were shown the popup. Over 20000 users responded to our survey. The survey was objective-based with questions pertaining to denial of warranty, need to claim warranty, and duration taken to claim the warranty. The objective survey was followed up with a telephonic survey for volunteers who were denied warranty to understand what the circumstances were. All quotes used in this survey are from real consumers with concerns.

MySmartPrice Free Extended Warranty offer

MySmartPrice is offering free extended Warranty on products bought from our Laptops Price section. We aim to help consumers address warranty issues and in days to come shall bring in more such initiatives to make online shopping more comfortable and less risky.

 MySmartPrice Diwali Census






About the Study

MySmartPrice analyzed the data of visitors during the Diwali Season, From oct 1st to Oct 22nd. The data includes visitor data, Sales data as well as in site interest ( page views, clicks etc). Some data may have been approximated to the nearest value.  Sales Data analyzes data of sales on Amazon and Flipkart. Urban in the study refers to Top 10 Cities while Rural refers to all other territories.




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The rupee/dollar value hit a significant low at 69.225 in August. After the recent decline in the rupee value, most mobile brands were forced to increase the prices of their products. Almost 50% of the mobile phone models currently available in India witnessed a price hike within the last month. Though the situation is relatively better now, it did leave a significant impact on mobile phone prices.


We at MySmartPrice decided to take a look at what mobiles have been affected, and by how much. We looked at all the data that we recorded over the last quarter, and highlighted that against the changes that occurred during last month’s hike in prices. All in all, we looked at the price data of over 1400 mobiles and came up with the following analysis.

All Mobiles:


Out of the 519 mobiles we analyzed, the prices of 238 mobiles have gone up by 8.41% in August 2013. Considering the fact that mobile phones tend to show a price drop of 3.63% (M-o-M), the current rupee decline pertains to an effective price hike of 12.46% (M-o-M).

However, 36% of mobiles didn’t have a price change and a minimal 18% mobiles have shown a price drop, which should be around 50% in ideal conditions.


By Brands:

Of all the brands, HTC comes first with a total increase of 16.86% price rise for the 8 mobiles it currently sells in the country.  This is followed by a 14.2% price increase for Spice and a 12.88% increase in the prices of Karbonn mobiles.

The market leader Samsung had a minimal 5.94% increase for about 30 mobiles. Analysts believed that companies manufacturing mobiles phones in India will have a lesser impact, but clearly the above data proves otherwise.

Indian brands like Micromax, Spice, Karbonn witnessed a considerable hike. Barring HTC, the worst affected brands are entry level and mid-level smartphone makers like Micromax, Spice, Karbonn, Lava, Maxx. This is understandable as most of these players buy handset parts from China and assemble them in India.

By Operating System:


Although Apple has only 14 current active models in India, 8 of them witnessed a price hike sustaining to 6.43% hike. The price increase is low as compared to other brands because Apple is taking a 14% margin hit to keep the prices steady in India.

By Type:

Considering the type of mobile phones, prices of 98 smartphones were raised by 8.95% and about 140 feature phones were increased by a similar 7.36%.

Trending Mobile Phones:

We have also analyzed the top 30 popular mobiles for the last two months (using our Webmaster Tools data) and concluded that 22 of them had a price hike of 7.35%. Well, it clearly looks like the steeply depreciated rupee value did leave a huge impact on the mobile prices.

What next?

As the rupee’s downslide reached a halt in the last two weeks, we need to wait and see if it can stabilize in the coming weeks and months. Till then, you might want to postpone your plan of buying a gadget this Diwali!

P.S: You can find the raw data used for the analysis in this spreadsheet.

According to the latest report from IDC, 237.9 million smartphones were shipped in Q2 2013, a 10.03% quarter over quarter increase and a whopping 52.3% year on year increase.

Samsung tops with a 30.4% market share, which saw the Korean manufacturer ship more smartphones than all its four main rivals clubbed together.

Apple follows with a 13.1% share, but its growth declined by 16.7% quarter over quarter. LG sustains its third position with 12.1 million shipments, which can be attributed to strong sales of the Nexus 4 as well as devices in the Optimus series.

As a return entry into the top five, Lenovo shipped 11.3 million units in the last quarter and holds the fourth place.

Smartphone shipments for Q2 2013
Smartphone shipments for Q2 2013

New leaders in the smartphone market:

Considering smartphone sales figures over the last four quarters, although Samsung and Apple are continually posting a steady growth in shipment numbers, their growth rate is lesser when compared to other players in this segment.

Other competitors (which include LG, Lenovo, ZTE and other vendors) are growing twice as fast as Samsung and Apple. (68.09% year on year growth for others compared to 35.78% year on year growth for Apple-Samsung).

Apple is yet to launch a new iPhone this year, and the decline in shipments for the last quarter (Q2 2013) is thereby understandable, but Samsung’s infinitesimal growth of 2.4% in the last quarter despite the launch of its latest flagship phone Galaxy S4, may be of a concern. Samsung has also reduced its outlook for the rest of the year, saying that it may face a stiffer competition in the mobile segment.

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While Android has reached over 70% of the world’s smartphone market and is already looking to grow further, most tech pundits may be curious to see how far Android may grow further.  Some are already stating that Android may have already peaked and it may just be heading down the same road as Symbian.

We at MySmartPrice, pulled together the end sales data from Gartner from Q1,2011 to Q1 2013 to find out just how Android is performing.  The data was then analyzed for the Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) and plotted as below.

At first glance, it is clear that Android has lost its initial surge. Prior to this year, Android was growing at a rate as high as  90% (CAGR) however as on Q1, 2012, Android grows at only 22.15%.  However, this isn’t very hard to digest. Android has already permeated to most of the developed markets. It is only the developing market that may yet be adding to the list.

The most interesting aspect of this graph, is the cyclical nature of Android sales. This may also be extrapolated as the trend for smartphone sales in general. Android smartphones sell like hot cakes in the 2nd and 3rd quarters, while first quarter performances seem to be the most disappointing. This may be due to fact that most flagships get launched in the end of first quarter ( Samsung Galaxy S3 in May-June as was Samsung Galaxy S4) .  Holidays contribute to high sales in Q4 as well.

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…once starts charging for shipping, it will be cheapest for only 7% books. launched yesterday with Books and Movies. We at MySmartPrice tried to crunch some data to find who is cheapest for books. To do this we took top 2000 books across all genres (as our sample set) and did a price comparison for them. Following charts show the percent of books where a store is cheapest on.


Case 1. List Price + Shipping Cost (as on date)


















Shipping Costs considered for Case 1.

  • Flipkart – Rs. 50 for books below Rs. 500
  • – Free Shipping (as on date – limited time only)
  • Infibeam – Rs. 30 for books below Rs. 250
  • HomeShop18 – Free shipping (they are not charging any shipping charges for books as on date)
  • Landmark – Free shipping
  • Crossworld – Rs. 30 for books below Rs. 300


Case 2: List Price + Shipping Cost (when starts charging for shipping)

















Shipping Costs considered for Case 2 (after limited time offer, when Amazon starts charging for shipping)

  • Flipkart – Rs. 50 for books below Rs. 500
  • – Rs. 49 for books below Rs. 499
  • Infibeam – Rs. 30 for books below Rs. 250
  • HomeShop18 – Free shipping (they are not charging any shipping cost for books as on date)
  • Landmark – Free shipping
  • Crossworld – Rs. 30 for books below Rs. 300


Case 3: List Price Only (No shipping cost included)



















  1. For books or orders above Rs. 500, clearly Flipkart is the cheapest store. 
  2. will be one of the most expensive stores when they start charging for shipping.


Following is the raw data for the top 2000 books that we extracted and used for the above analysis.

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We at have done a study of the e-tailing stores in India and have analyzed what they sell. We’ve classified these stores into different types and categories based on what they sell. A lot of interesting numbers and facts have emerged out, some of which are hard to believe. So here’s what we have found out.





Rankings as on 15th May 2012



Google Docs Link


  1. Brands are moving online with their own stores: Examples: NokiaShop, Puma, Reebook, Samsung, Fastrack, VIP etc
  2. Fashion is No 1: Top 3 Categories all belong to Fashion, with more than 130 stores (big and small) selling some or the other fashion products. Apart from this 91 stores deal exclusively in Fashion.
  3. Rise of Online Exclusive labels: Example: Zovi, Shersingh etc.
  4. Lingerie is Big: Over 39 stores sell Lingerie and Innerwear and some prominent names even using Lingerie as hooks on FB ads!
  5. Online stores of major offline players: Example: Futurebazaar, Cromaretail, The Mobile Store, Univercell etc
  6. Media Publishing Houses foray in ecommerce: Example: Homeshop18, BagitToday, Indiatimes Shopping,  StarCJ etc
  7. Ecommerce Platforms gaining traction. Example: BuildaBazaar and Martjack.
  8. Popular (deal) sites pivoting to e-tailing: Example: Snapdeal, Koovs, SeventyMM, KyaZoonga etc


Differentiation is the new motto in Indian ecommerce. The way some are doing it is simply picking a Niche.  In our research, we ran into about 90 niche stores that sold nothing but one thing. Some deserve a special mention.

  1. Exclusive handicrafts made by NGOs.
  2. The Travel Only Book store.
  3. Cool Tshirts with great ribtickling one liners.
  4. Musical Instruments and Select Albums
  5. Great collection of Movies, Films and TV serials
  6. Pens from popular bands such as Faber Castell, Parker etc.
  7. Pooja items and temple offerings from popular temples.
  8. Gift Vouchers from top retailers.
  9. Indoor lighting fittings and chandeliers.
We hope the study was useful to you and you’ve come across some truly interesting new facts and figures. The world of ecommerce is ever changing with a constant churn in the number of stores. Feel free to subscribe to our updates on e-commerce and share, tweet or +1 this post.
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Ever since we started asking friends to help us in our hiring efforts, we have got into number of discussions around ease or difficulty of getting awesome engineers in a specific city and for specific skills. We went ahead with the only hammer that we have and crawled data from startup job boards and career pages of companies (list). Analysis of the content of these jobs threw out some expected and some unexpected results.

Indian Startup Job Study Infographic

Highlights of the study

  1. Bangalore is the hottest city but it has some strong competition from Mumbai and Delhi.
  2. Hyderabad lagged behind Pune and Chennai
  3. PHP is the most popular skill among startups.
  4. We were surprised to see Java beat out other more popular languages like Python and RoR.
  5. In other skills, mobile development and sales roles beat out demand for Social media or SEO professionals.

If you think the study can be done in a better manner or if you can find some mistake in our data then you are the guy we have been looking for. Please get in touch at sitakanta[@] for more details.


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