What to choose among the three leading OS in the world- Android, Windows and Iphone is one of the most frequently asked opinion by people and this is the reason that brings My Smart Price to you a study that shows that soon Windows would leave behind Iphone, one of the major rulers in the market, with its fast developing apps and brilliant improvement in its overall performance.

This study shows 9 different things in which a Windows phone is doing better than an Iphone and also includes a prediction by IDC about the Mobile OS market share by the end of 2015, where windows would lead after Android. 

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At MySmartPrice, we always strive to provide the coolest features for our users to help them save that much more money. From our Apps to Offline prices, we have you covered in whatever way you want.

Users often spend a lot of time browsing for deals on the gadgets and electronics. Shopping experience is more cumbersome on mobile browsers. Often users wonder if they’re getting the best price for the selected product.

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Yesterday was April 1st, or April Fool’s Day, as it is more popularly known. People, as well as brands, try to pull pranks on each other on this day. We have rounded up the very best April Fool’s Day pranks that were pulled off by our very own Indian brands.

No. 1) Yatra – Trip to Space decided to start serving space trips to common consumers. There was even a contest, which had two winners. Both certainly didn’t get to go to space, but they did receive Interstellar DVDs.

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Thinking to go shopping and not able to decide if online shopping is safe ? Believe us, its way easier, better and completely safe. These points will show you the brighter side of shopping online.

1) Ghar Baithe Aaram

Why wait in queues or punish yourself in over crowded stores? Online shopping gives you the freedom to sit back and shop i the comfort of your bed and blanket. Lie down and enjoy this greatest perk of online shopping.