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For most brands it is a special moment when your first advertisement gets aired. We too are over the moon with ours.  MySmartPrice finally has our first Advertisement after 4 years in the business. Here’s a look at it’s inception and thought process.

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For shopholics of India, there could not have been a better Diwali gift this year. After Flipkart’s big billion day sale, Amazon is rolling out a week long sales during October 10th to October 16th. The sales is titled as Amazon Diwali Dhamaka sale and promises to contain lot of mouth watering crazy deals, lightning deals, unprecedented offers from Amazon through out the Week.

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    The second edition of Great Online Shopping Festival is here, and although it got off to a rocky start, with website glitches and the site going down, the issues seem to have been resolved now. GOSF  stands for Great Online Shopping Festival, and is organised by Google. While the GOSF event in 2012 was focused on getting traditional offline retailers online, this year the onus is more on deals and offers from a wider variety of online e-commerce stores.

    There are a host of deals across all categories available from all major retailers. As is usual in such scenarios, some of the good bargains get lost in the sheer volume of deals that are on offer over these three days. So, we’ve gone through all the deals, and collated some of the best for your convenience.


    1. Apple iPhone 5C: eBay is giving a huge discount on the iPhone 5C, and you can get it for Rs. 37,990 by going here.
    2. Nokia Lumia 520: Nokia’s best-selling Windows Phone device is available for just Rs. 7,299 on Flipkart
    3. Nokia Lumia 920: The Lumia 920 is one of the best-looking handsets to come out of Nokia ever, and you can get it on Croma for Rs. 24,994.
    4. LG G2: LG has revolutionized the wheel by placing power and volume buttons at the back of the LG G2. The device is one of the fastest available in India, and is on offer at Amazon for Rs. 34,950.
    5. BlackBerry Z10: BlackBerry is struggling, but that doesn’t mean you should miss the deal on the Z10. The BlackBerry Z10 is available for almost half-off, and you can get it for just Rs. 23,181 on Yebhi by entering the code GOSF10.
    6. Google Nexus 4: Nexus 4 is still in vogue, and if you’re looking to get one, look no further. Flipkart is selling the device for Rs. 23,990.


    1. Google Nexus 7 2012 16GB (Wi-Fi): There might be a new Nexus 7 in town, but that doesn’t mean that the old one is obsolete just yet. Last year’s Nexus 7 is available for Rs. 7,999 on Flipkart.
    2. Apple iPad 4 Wi-Fi: Apple’s fourth-generation iPad is on offer for Rs. 22,790. This is the 16 GB Wi-Fi only model, and you can head over to Amazon to claim the offer. 
    3. Lenovo Yoga: eBay is giving a huge discount on the 8-inch Yoga tablet from Lenovo. The tablet is selling for Rs. 22,999 on the site.
    4. Kindle Fire HD 7: Croma is selling Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD 7 for just Rs. 11,999. Go here to avail the offer.

    External Hard Disk Drives

    1. Western Digital Element 1 TB External HDD USB 3.0: It is hard to find good deals on storage items, so when we come across a 1 TB WD drive for Rs. 3,899, we tend not to wait. Head over here to get it.
    2. Seagate Expansion 2TB External Hard Disk: A 2 TB hard drive for just Rs. 6,899? We’re interested. If you are too, click here.

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    MSP Shopper's Contest - Redesigned

    Hi Folks,
    It gives us folks at MySmartPrice great pleasure in (finally!!!) announcing the winners of the MySmartPrice Shopper Contest Winners. We ran a contest all through October asking folks to send in the invoices of all their online purchases and are extremely humbled by your overwhelming response. We received over 10000 entrants with some folks sending in over 20 Invoices.   Thank you for your entries and Congratulations to all winners.

    MSP Shopper's Contest - Redesigned

    Here is the list of 50 Winners along with their Order IDs who have won Rs 1000  vouchers  each.  Congratulations and Happy Shopping.

    First Name Last Name orderid
    Karan Mehbubani 1061545214
    Abdul Aleem 8807893
    Nitin Bhargava OD31006000535
    Amit Sankhla 1200823238
    Brijesh 931805593
    Umesh  Chaurasia M20267574
    Balakrishna Pitla OD31025053820
    Bharat Bhushan 402-4564332-0329133
    Ram kishor Pathak OD31102092154
    Atul Kumar  OD31106054632
    Abhisar Bharti 10364733
    Nirav Mehta OD31021030211
    Harmeet 3002790888
    Homan Jamuda OD30927020403
    Jobin V Valloppally 1355259232
    Ashutosh Banerjee OD31022013701
    Mahidhar Guggilam OD31020091290
    kunal Bassi 933282635
    Rajan SJ OD31019143124
    Chakravarty Dwaipayan 7923111
    Azad Kankaria 11986273
    Safirems 7969723
    Faizal Khan OD30922085069
    Mohit Abdul 556477
     AZEEZ HAPBCO Abdul 281108045392
    GSV 7243531
    Surendra Lahare OD31009041904
    Urvish Shah 34824754503
    Jugal Vasa OD30927051885
    Sandeep Kumar Singh OD31101046262
    Munish punn 1406134459
    Ameya Gamre 749979
    Himanshu Bhatt 1833889920
    Ganesh Balasundaram 11438527
    Meenakshi Awasthi OD31106081983
    Bhavishya Negi OD30829005286
    Siva  Moorthy OD31018028980
    Ashish Jagani 3817205
    Shailesh Vats OD31103012598
    Gauri Shankar OD31018069027
    Neha Singh 933780787
    Anto Rojar OD31016099219
    Karlose Joseph OD31103040872
    Karan Gupta 1055729783
    Saravana Kumar 11403033
    Athira C Rao OD31002040552
    Joel D’Souza PKWG5
    Rohit Aagarwal 1375697456
    Anup Deshpande OD31017050839
    Narayana VT OD30418031905


    Congratulations once again to all the winners and for those who missed out,better luck next time.
    Winners will receive their vouchers in the coming days. Please watch your inbox for a mail from MySmartPrice Team for further details on how to claim your vouchers.

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    4G LTE networks are gaining momentum in the country, and as such we decided to clarify some of the details regarding the service and its imminent rollout in India.

    What is LTE?

    LTE stands for Long Term Evolution, which is the latest wireless communication standard. It is called 4G because it is the fourth-generation standard, after 3G. LTE allows for much faster data connectivity, and allows users to access data at 300 Mbit/s downstream (download), and at 75 Mbit/s upstream (upload). Current 3G networks in the country enable users to download at 14 Mbit/s and upload at 5.76 Mbit/s. So, the 4G networks will be much faster, and will also have a better quality of service, which means that the data transmission will be uniform no matter where a user is located. Along with faster data transmissions, voice quality will also be better on 4G.

    There are different variations of LTE, and while most countries in the world use FD-LTE (Frequency-Division Long-Term Evolution), carriers in India will use the TD-LTE (Time-Division Long-Term Evolution) standard. The difference in TD-LTE is that transmissions in this standard use the same frequency band, whereas the FD-LTE standard allocates two different frequencies, one for transmitting data and the other for receiving it. The TD-LTE frequency band that will be used in India falls under 2.3–2.4 GHz, and comes under LTE Band 40.

    When will 4G services start in India?


    Carriers like Airtel have already begun rolling out 4G networks in cities like Bangalore, Pune, Chandigarh and Kolkata. Other carriers also interested in starting LTE services in the country include the likes of Vodafone. These carriers are bidding for TD-LTE licences and will launch their services as soon as they acquire the licences. Reliance Jio Infocomm has already acquired a country-wide license for TD-LTE servicers, and a rollout of the 4G service to all major cities across the country will begin next year. Aircel and MTS India will do so likewise.

    Reliance Jio Infocomm announced in a statement that 4G tariffs will be lesser or equal to what 3G tariffs were when 3G services were initially offered. The tariff a carrier sets for its data services is often determined by how much the carrier had to pay for the auction. So, it will be likely that 4G tariffs will be similar to the 3G tariffs.

    What handsets will work with 4G networks in India?

    Although a lot of the newer high-end handsets that launched in India, like the LG G2 and Sony Xperia  Z1 come with LTE connectivity, they will not work with India’s 2300 MHz frequency. Qualcomm, one of the major manufacturer behind the wireless LTE radios that go into these mobiles, is yet to inculcate this band into its offerings. However, that might all change very soon considering that the Indian government is collaborating with China in creating a similar 4G TD-LTE network in China.

    This makes for a combined user base of around 1 billion who will be utilising the TD-LTE Band 40. That is a major incentive for manufacturers to launch devices that have this frequency. Furthermore, a similar band for both India and China mean that manufacturers can launch one version of their handset with this frequency which will work in both countries. Already, devices like the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S come with LTE Band 40, which means that these devices will work on 4G networks in both countries.

    So, if you’re looking to buy a handset that works with India’s LTE standard, you have to check whether the handset includes LTE Band 40, which has a frequency of 2,300 MHz.  As for mainstream availability of such handsets, Reliance is rumoured to be collaborating with Samsung to launch affordable 4G handsets that cost in the vicinity of  Rs. 5,000. Micromax is also allegedly testing its future 4G offerings on Reliance’s network to ensure that there are no accessibility issues.

    Other manufacturers are also intent on launching 4G enabled handsets that work on India’s LTE band. These handsets will be more widely available starting next year, once the 4G networks from major carriers begin rolling out to more cities.

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    Amazon's Ad on MySmartPrice keyword
    Amazon's Ad on MySmartPrice keyword

    As a budding startup, most companies aspire to be mentioned  along with the big players. Be it in a discussion surrounding their respective sector or when consumers name their favourite players. For us at MySmartPrice, its always been a secret desire to be mentioned in the same vein as Flipkart, eBay as a leading ecommerce player.  While that day may still be far away. It finally appears that the big players are standing up and taking notice of our humble venture.

    Today morning, we got a sweet surprise when we found Amazon.in bidding for the keyword “MySmartPrice” on Google search Ads.

    Amazon's Ad on MySmartPrice keyword
    Amazon’s Ad on MySmartPrice keyword


    We are definitely glad there is someone at Amazon considering us worthy of bidding on. We hope Amazon finds the same appreciation of our price comparison service as well as our Amazon Coupons section which has been up since the day of Amazon India’s launch.

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    We at MySmartPrice.com have done a study of the e-tailing stores in India and have analyzed what they sell. We’ve classified these stores into different types and categories based on what they sell. A lot of interesting numbers and facts have emerged out, some of which are hard to believe. So here’s what we have found out.





    Rankings as on 15th May 2012



    Google Docs Link


    1. Brands are moving online with their own stores: Examples: NokiaShop, Puma, Reebook, Samsung, Fastrack, VIP etc
    2. Fashion is No 1: Top 3 Categories all belong to Fashion, with more than 130 stores (big and small) selling some or the other fashion products. Apart from this 91 stores deal exclusively in Fashion.
    3. Rise of Online Exclusive labels: Example: Zovi, Shersingh etc.
    4. Lingerie is Big: Over 39 stores sell Lingerie and Innerwear and some prominent names even using Lingerie as hooks on FB ads!
    5. Online stores of major offline players: Example: Futurebazaar, Cromaretail, The Mobile Store, Univercell etc
    6. Media Publishing Houses foray in ecommerce: Example: Homeshop18, BagitToday, Indiatimes Shopping,  StarCJ etc
    7. Ecommerce Platforms gaining traction. Example: BuildaBazaar and Martjack.
    8. Popular (deal) sites pivoting to e-tailing: Example: Snapdeal, Koovs, SeventyMM, KyaZoonga etc


    Differentiation is the new motto in Indian ecommerce. The way some are doing it is simply picking a Niche.  In our research, we ran into about 90 niche stores that sold nothing but one thing. Some deserve a special mention.

    1. SocialHeart.in: Exclusive handicrafts made by NGOs.
    2. YellowLeg.com: The Travel Only Book store.
    3. Bewakoof.com: Cool Tshirts with great ribtickling one liners.
    4. Bajaao.com: Musical Instruments and Select Albums
    5. Induna.com: Great collection of Movies, Films and TV serials
    6. WilliamPenn.net: Pens from popular bands such as Faber Castell, Parker etc.
    7. OnlinePrasad.com: Pooja items and temple offerings from popular temples.
    8. GiftBig.com: Gift Vouchers from top retailers.
    9. BulbTiger.com: Indoor lighting fittings and chandeliers.
    We hope the study was useful to you and you’ve come across some truly interesting new facts and figures. The world of ecommerce is ever changing with a constant churn in the number of stores. Feel free to subscribe to our updates on e-commerce and share, tweet or +1 this post.
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    Beyond a Boundary

    Author: C. L. R. James

    Part memoir of a West Indian boyhood, part celebration of the game of cricket, this self-portrait of a life spent playing, watching and writing about the game, tells us of its psychology and aesthetics, players the author knew, and the issues of class, race and politics surrounding it. This book is regarded as one of the fines cricket books of all times.

    Check for Price and Availability


    The Art of Captaincy

    Author: Mike Brearley

    In what is widely considered the definitive work on the subject, The Art Of Captaincy, Mike Brearley, a psychoanalyst by trade these days–but most famously the England cricket captain behind that dramatic 1981 Ashes victory–delivers his thesis on what makes a leader, on and off the pitch. In his five-year Test career Brearley, a long-standing county captain but never much better than a relatively modestly talented cricketer himself, led England 31 times–winning 18, drawing 9, losing only 4–and explores the key elements of his theories via candid reflections on those experiences.

    Check for Price and Availability


    Bob Woolmer’s Art and Science of Cricket

    Author: Bob Woolmer, Timothy Noakes

    This trail-blazing book represents the first time that a cricket coach and a sports scientist (both world experts in their field) have teamed up to create probably the most comprehensive book on playing and coaching cricket there is. The authors’ vision: to develop players who show not only technical but mental strength, and who are as physically fit and injury-resistant as possible. Much more than a coaching manual, this book reflects Bob Woolmer’s passion for constant innovation and questioning his dedication to the art and science of cricket.

    Check for Price and Availability

    Front Cover

    What Is a Googly?: The Mysteries of Cricket Explained

    Author: Rob Eastaway

    Here at last is a witty and revealing book that demystifies cricket jargon and answers all the questions you’ve always wanted to ask. Illustrated with pithy and instructive cartoons, it explains where cricket came from, what happens on the field, what the tactics are, and the dos and don’ts of being a spectator. If you’ve ever made a fool of yourself in the pavilion or wondered how to tell who’s winning, then Rob Eastway, co-inventor of the Coopers & Lybrand World Cricket Ratings, has written just the book for you!

    Check for Price and Availability

    Buy W. G. Grace Ate My Pedalo : A Curious Cricket Compendium

    W. G. Grace Ate My Pedalo : A Curious Cricket Compendium

    Alan Tyers, Beach

    W.G. Grace Ate My Pedalo is a spoof 1896 periodical from The Wisden Cricketer archives that looks at cricketing events of 2010 through a Victorian lens. Highlights include: cricketing insight from the greatest minds of the nineteenth century, Charles Darwin, Oscar Wilde and P.T. Barnum; outrageous tales of dressing-room scandal and derring-do; a panoply of contemporary advertisements (Mr Michael Vaughan’s Patented Hair Restorer, Boycott’s Finest Sticks of Rhubarb), and, of course, the first, exclusive eyewitness account of W.G. Grace and that Pedalo incident. A comedy cricket book of wit, intelligence and cheek that will appeal to cricket fans of all ages, be they members of the MCC or the Barmy Army.

    Check for Price and Availability

    Buy The States Of Indian Cricket

    The States Of Indian Cricket

    Author: Ramachandra Guha

    The States of Indian Cricket by noted historian and author Ramachandra Guha, is one of the most enjoyable books on cricket and cricketers of India. For the first time within the covers of a single volume, we find an informal, anecdotal, and immensely readable history of Indian cricket.

    Check for Price and Availability

    Buy Out Of The Box : Watching The Game We Love

    Out of the box- Watching the game we love

    Author: Harsha Bhogle

    Harsha Bhogle in his weekly column in the Indian Express has captured the entire gamut of Indian cricket. Out of the Box brings together the very best of Harsha’s writings, in a book that will be a veritable delight for any cricket fan. Knowledgeable, frank and witty, and with a sense of drama comparable to that of cricket itself, Harsha brings the nation’s cricketing ethos inimitably to life. And he is at his best when paying tribute to some cricketing greats—Lara, Inzamam, Jayasuriya, Ganguly, Sehwag, and the incomparable Tendulkar.

    Check for Price and Availability

    Pundits from Pakistan: On tour with India, 2003-04

    Pundits From Pakistan: On Tour With India, 2003-04

    Author: Rahul Bhattacharya

    A cricketing romp through Pakistan In early 2004, the Indian cricket team set out for Pakistan. Pundits describes the subsequent tour, detailing the matches, the moods, the games and the players. More than merely that, though, it is also a book about the first major sporting encounter between India and Pakistan in 15 years – a period in which the two countries had fought one war and come close to another. What emerges is a fascinating contemporary account of a beautiful game in its most crucial setting, captured through the eyes of a young Indian discovering Pakistan.

    Check for Price and Availability

    Front Cover

    Penguins Stopped Play: Eleven Village Cricketers Take on the World

    Author: Harry Thompson

    It seemed a simple enough idea at the outset: to assemble a team of eleven men to play cricket on each of the seven continents of the globe. Except hold on a minute that’s not a simple idea at all. And when you throw in incompetent airline officials, amorous Argentine Colonels’ wives, cunning Bajan drug dealers, gay Australian waiters, overzealous American anti-terrorist police, idiot Welshmen dressed as Santa Claus, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and whole armies of pitch-invading Antarctic penguins, you quickly arrive at a whole lot more than you bargained for. Harry Thompson’s hilarious book tells the story of one of those great idiotic enterprises that only an Englishman could have dreamed up, and only a bunch of Englishmen could possibly have wished to carry out.

    Check for Price and Availability

    Buy Sachin Tendulkar: A Definitive Biography Celebrating 50 Centuries In Test Cricket

    Sachin Tendulkar: A Definitive Biography

    Author:  Vaibhav Purandare

    This is neither a scorebook, nor the accumulation of facts or the extension of a globally recognised brand. This is the first in-depth and comprehensive biography of Sachin Tendulkar, and it puts Sachin the cricketer and the human being in perspective. Tendulkar’s story is told grippingly, with a wealth of rare, unpublished anecdotes that throw fresh light on a remarkable career. This book probes the psychological birth and growth of the world’s leading batsman, examines the historical forces that shaped his personal and cricketing character, analyses his cricket planning and actions and evaluates the history the man has created, whether by making his Test debut at sixteen or by breaking records with a stunning regularity.

    Check for Price and Availability

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    It has been more than 4 months since we said good bye to our jobs and started working on MySmartPrice.com. Since we have benefitted a lot by posts of other entrepreneurs about their failure, struggle and success , it is only fair that we share our experiences with the community as well. May be someone will manage to find some small motivation from it. We will particularly concentrate on some of the fear/doubts that we had while getting started on this journey and how they have played out in these 4 months days.

    Living on 25K is difficult but possible: We were very clear from the first day that we will not monetize the site or think of raising any funding till we get the user experience right and build a good traction with users. That meant we have to survive on earnings from side projects for about a year. In order to be able to give maximum possible time to our startup we have to make do with the least amount of money that is absolutely necessary to survive. That has meant that we had to move from taxi to shared auto, using bike instead of car, living in the outskirts of the city or having daughter’s birthday at home instead of in some restaurant. We will be fooling ourselves if we say that it is easy. It is not. But given the alternative of not working on something that we so strongly and passionately believe in, we will choose this difficult life any day.

    Side projects are a torture because they need us to stop working on something that we were 150% involved in last night and start working on something else. There are many things, like responding to customer feedback or code failure due to some stupid issue etc, that do not stop simply because we have to work on a client project. May be there is a better way to handle the project and we are trying to learn it but the only thing we will suggest is that do not go for this route as your first option.

    People will notice when you do something good I could have never expected the CTO of MakeMyTrip or a product manager at Google to stop by to appreciate what we have done. Obviously these people get to see much more awesome things but still they have been kind enough to cheer us along this tough journey. A lot of bloggers have gone out of their way to introduce us to their readers. There is no way we can thank them enough. Bottom line is always strive to make a product that is simple, usable and does not confuse the user and never ever compromise on quality. It you stick to it, people will start taking notice.

    People will notice even more when you are sloppy While we were busy developing the mobile pricelists, the books section was unattended and some of the functionalities were broken. We had assumed that since traffic levels are low, no one will notice during the few days it will take us to complete the new feature. Five emails within two days made us realize people do notice sloppiness. I hope we have learnt our lessons and will not let that happen ever in future. If something is broken and you know about it, it’s a crime not to fix it. Just fix it.

    You will be amazed by what you can do: Sita was coming back to technology after 2 years at IIM Bangalore and 3 years in banking. I was a manager and into pre-sales and consulting for the last four years. So if anyone had asked us if we can develop a complete crawler in PHP, work with MySQL internal APIs to get the autosuggest to work properly, obtain millisecond response time with JavaScript and simultaneously market the site to get it to 1000 users a day mark within 100 days, our answer would have been have you lost your mind? But the fact is that not only we have done all that, but a number of other initiatives, like an Ajax based Mobile Finder, are already in the pipeline.

    interesting life of entrepreneurs

    (image from Rodinhood)

    Thanks to Rodinhood and unpluggd for telling us about the interesting life to expect. But it has been totally worth it till now and hope it continues to be so.