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About Us

Suku and Sita are two geeks who have been talking about starting their own company for ages now. They have been really good at dreaming up all sorts of imaginary things that can go wrong and in the process had held back themselves as braver men have gone ahead and taken the plunge. Finally they have decided that jo hoga dekha jayega and have jumped into the water with the hope that dubne se pehle tairna sikh hi lenge.

Sita, in a nutshell, is a confused soul. He is a mechanical engineer who joined Oracle simply to beat the slowdown of 2002. While working at Oracle he fell madly in love with coding. After 3 years of coding, he went to IIM Bangalore in the search of greener pastures and then to the attractive world of financial engineering. Now he thinks (once again) that he has found his true calling and is leaving everything behind to become an entrepreneur. Most of his well wishers think that he is being stupid to leave the security of the job espscially with the responsibility of a 8 month old daughter and no proper plan of future. Fortunately the guy is stupid enough to not understand his own stupidity, yet. Koi nahin 3 mahine main ata daal ka bhao pata chal hi jayega. Will keep you guys updated with the experiences of this guy.