A Study: Why Windows Will Overpower iPhone Soon

A Study: Why Windows Will Overpower iPhone Soon

What to choose among the three leading OS in the world- Android, Windows and Iphone is one of the most frequently asked opinion by people and this is the reason that brings My Smart Price to you a study that shows that soon Windows would leave behind Iphone, one of the major rulers in the market, with its fast developing apps and brilliant improvement in its overall performance.

This study shows 9 different things in which a Windows phone is doing better than an Iphone and also includes a prediction by IDC about the Mobile OS market share by the end of 2015, where windows would lead after Android. 

windows vs iphone_final

A few comments by people at various platforms that support this study are:

  1. “I miss my Windows Phone 8.1. It’s just shocking that there a handful of features Iphone doesn’t have that the Windows has.”
  2. “I love Windows Phone; it is fast, fluid and easy to use. I also love the dynamics of tiles and how much alive they are in comparison to the simple rows of icons on iOS and Android.”
  3. “Once 8.1 came out, there was feature parity across Android, iOS and Windows for the most. Cortana is the best overall voice assistants, but also functions wonderfully without voice.”




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