Top 6 April Fool’s Day Pranks By Indian Brands, You’ll Wish No....

Top 6 April Fool’s Day Pranks By Indian Brands, You’ll Wish No. 4 Were Real

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Yesterday was April 1st, or April Fool’s Day, as it is more popularly known. People, as well as brands, try to pull pranks on each other on this day. We have rounded up the very best April Fool’s Day pranks that were pulled off by our very own Indian brands.

No. 1) Yatra – Trip to Space decided to start serving space trips to common consumers. There was even a contest, which had two winners. Both certainly didn’t get to go to space, but they did receive Interstellar DVDs.

No. 2) OlaCabs – Ola Air

Rs. 499 for a helicopter ride from point A to point B? Sure, Ola Air has you covered. This is not a bad concept that we’d actually like to see implemented some day. Check out the video here.

No. 3) Zomato – Zomatcho matchmaking app

For all you single foodies out there, Zomatcho by Zomato is the newest matchmaking service on the block. Need I say more?

No. 4) ixigo – Loo Finder

Ever had to hold it in really tight while being on the road? You won’t have to any more, thanks to the ixigo Loo Finder app, which lists over 1 million toilets across India. Here’s the Loo Finder introduction video.

No. 5) OnePlus – DR-1 Drone

Everybody wants their own little drone. OnePlus decided to fix that with the DR-1, an affordable quadrocopter that costs only $19.99. It’s introduction video is here, and you can register for the DR-y1 giveaway here.

No. 6) FreeCharge – BuzzKill

Mosquitoes are a huge problem in India. Mosquitoes not letting you sleep at night, Freecharge got you covered with their new Buzzkill app. Install it, run it, and watch the mosquitoes (video here) fly away. Oh, and the bonus here is that you can earn credit by shooing away mosquitoes… Yeah, right!

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