The inspirations of this price search engine

The inspirations of this price search engine

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Since I intend to record the journey of MySmartPrice on this blog, logically the first post has to be about how I hit upon this idea about starting a price search engine for books. There are four things that conspired to set me up with this side project of me that has grown up to be a really big one.

  • I have been buying books for ages now. Ever since I got a job, as a principle I have stopped buying pirated books. That does not mean I am happy about the excessive price charged by the book stores.
  • I was working on a separate website for recording the mobile phone prices in India. Keeping up with the ever changing project has rendered that process useless. I continue to maintain it for a SEO project which is a different story.
  • I  chanced upon a book price search engine by Swaroop through a post on Flipkart. I will always remain thankful for that since I have gained a lot of insight by going through his blog. If you intend to ever start your startup then do subscribe to his blog.
  • A lot of users of Swaroop’s project liked the product. However many of them were asking for a way to start with the title of the book instead of the isbn number. I guess Swaroop has not made the changes since it was not his idea to start with and he might be busy with his new job at Infibeam. Coincidentally I am on the exit mode from my job to get into the startup phase.

One of the biggest inspirations for working on this project has been my own desire to prove to myself that I continue to be a geek even 5 years after I stopped coding to go to IIM Bangalore. There are many improvements that are required even now and I will talk about them in future posts. However I am already proud of the product that I have.

I will close this post by wishing myself and MySmartPrice luck and by thanking Tapas for introducing me to the wonderful blog of Swaroop and Swaroop for providing me such a nice homework to bring out the coder in me 🙂


  1. Hi Sitakanta, I just stumbled over here and I never knew your personal project has already grew so big.

    Anyways, happy to acknowledge the fact and wishing you again all the very best.

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