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Few days back I had written a post about touch screen mobiles below 10000. That post has got an exceptionally good response and many people asked us to do brand wise posts as well. Since we are an India based startup, we did not have to think twice about which brand to start with. It had to be Nokia.

This post is an extensive list of Nokia touch screen phones with prices. Since this is a blog post, the prices will get obsolete very fast. If you want to get the updated price of Nokia touch screen mobile phones then please visit the Nokia touch screen mobile price in India page which gets updated on a regular basis.

Nokia touch screen phones above 20,000

Nokia N8: If you want the best possible touch screen phone released by Nokia, then it has to be the Nokia N8. It has got a 3.5 inch touch screen made from the brilliant Amoled glass. The Nokia N8 price in India as on 7th March 2011 is Rs. 22,700. You can get it for 22,400 because of our tie up with BuyThePrice. Other important properties of the Nokia N8 include a 12 megapixel camera, 16 gb internal memory and a dedicated graphic processor.

Nokia touch screen phones below 10000

Affordable mobiles has been one of the most important reason for the dominance of Nokia in the Indian market. Nokia has got two awesome touch screen phones at this price point. The Nokia 5233 best price is Rs. 5,999 whereas the price of Nokia 5235 in India is Rs. 8059. Please note that this price was valid as on 10th of March 2011. If you want the updated price then please check in our main site.

Nokia touch screen mobile phones between 10,000 and 20,000

This post can not reach its logical conclusion unless we talk about the touch screen phone available in the middle price segment. The Nokia C7 is the best touch screen mobile available in this price range. It sports a 3.5 inch touch screen with 640×640 resolution. Most importantly it has a 8 mega pixel camera as well. TheĀ  C7 makes use of the Symbian operating system and runs on an ARM 11, 680 Mhz processor. The C7 has got a good battery life and several additional features as well.