Smartphones: Apple and Samsung losing their market leadership?

Smartphones: Apple and Samsung losing their market leadership?

According to the latest report from IDC, 237.9 million smartphones were shipped in Q2 2013, a 10.03% quarter over quarter increase and a whopping 52.3% year on year increase.

Samsung tops with a 30.4% market share, which saw the Korean manufacturer ship more smartphones than all its four main rivals clubbed together.

Apple follows with a 13.1% share, but its growth declined by 16.7% quarter over quarter. LG sustains its third position with 12.1 million shipments, which can be attributed to strong sales of the Nexus 4 as well as devices in the Optimus series.

As a return entry into the top five, Lenovo shipped 11.3 million units in the last quarter and holds the fourth place.

Smartphone shipments for Q2 2013
Smartphone shipments for Q2 2013

New leaders in the smartphone market:

Considering smartphone sales figures over the last four quarters, although Samsung and Apple are continually posting a steady growth in shipment numbers, their growth rate is lesser when compared to other players in this segment.

Other competitors (which include LG, Lenovo, ZTE and other vendors) are growing twice as fast as Samsung and Apple. (68.09% year on year growth for others compared to 35.78% year on year growth for Apple-Samsung).

Apple is yet to launch a new iPhone this year, and the decline in shipments for the last quarter (Q2 2013) is thereby understandable, but Samsung’s infinitesimal growth of 2.4% in the last quarter despite the launch of its latest flagship phone Galaxy S4, may be of a concern. Samsung has also reduced its outlook for the rest of the year, saying that it may face a stiffer competition in the mobile segment.


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