Will the iPhone 5 be the Best Phone Ever?

Will the iPhone 5 be the Best Phone Ever?

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We all know that the next iPhone; iPhone 5 (which will be its most probable name) is going to be unveiled in September. It is being speculated that Apple will unmask the new iPhone in front of the whole world on September 12th. Apple’s stock prices have touched their highest ever ($645) point in the anticipation of iPhone 5 launch. Investors are bullish on the company’s performance as they believe that iPhone 5 will be their best seller ever as well as best smartphone in the market after it launches. But will the iPhone 5 be good enough to defeat the best phones (Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One X) in the market today? Let us see what will be the iPhone 5 features and will it be be the best smartphone in the market after it launches.

Bigger 4 Inch Screen

iPhone 5 Will Use In-Cell Touchscreen Technology

It is highly rumoured that iPhone 5 will have a 4 inch screen with ‘in-cell touchscreen technology’. After all, every iPhone model had a 3.5 inch touchscreen but people are increasingly liking and feeling a need for bigger screen. The in-cell touchscreen patent shown above explains that it incorporates the touchscreen sensors inside the individual pixels rather than using a separate layer on top of the screen. This will help in thinning down the screen compared to the normal touchscreen technology. It is being reported that iPhone 5 will be slightly slimmer than the HTC One S. This new screen technology will also help in reducing the glare on the screen as well as increase contrast ratio and improves colours. Also, some experts have found that iOS 6 can support a screen resolution of 1136 x 640 which could be the possible resolution of 4 inch screen on iPhone 5. But will this make it the best screen on the market by defeating the HTC One X’s (currently best screen in the market)? If the use of in-cell technology is true, it could be better than the one on HTC One X because of its ability to reduce reflections and improving colours as well as viewing angles.

Sleeker and Slimmer Design

Apple iPhone 5 Design

Due to iPhone 5’s speculated larger screen, it is obvious that the phone’s size will be a bit longer than the previous versions as well as thinner. It will not feature a non-glass back which is different compared to the previous 2 versions of iPhones. The glass at the back of the iPhone 4 was criticized for being fragile and easily breakable after a fall from some feet above the ground. It will be slimmer than most of its competitors barring the Motorola Droid Razr.

Fastest Processor

Apple iPhone 5 Processor

Apple is known for making using some of the most powerful processors in its devices. The iPhone 5 is said to be incorporated with a modified quad core version of A5x processor. Some are even speculating that Apple will use a modified version of Samsung Exynos 4412 processor which already resides in the Samsung Galaxy S3. Samsung Galaxy S3 has the most powerful processor as of now. So the iPhone 5 can have the guts to defeat the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Similar Storage Capacity To iPhone 4S

Apple iPhone 5 Storage Capacity

The iPhone 4S already comes in flavours of 16/32/64 GB storage capacities. It is being predicted that it will have similar storage capacities to the iPhone 4S but it would be awesome if Apple manages to sneak in a 128 gigabyte version as well, just to be the best in the world.

Zero Shutter Lag Camera

Apple iPhone 5 Camera

One of the best features of the iPhone in last couple of years was its camera performance. But Google has been doing some of the best features following the release of Android 4.0 ICS. Now that Android has the ‘zero shutter lag’ feature, it is feeling hugely missed in the iPhone. It will be better if Apple adds that ‘Zero Shutter Lag’ and also the feature to click pictures while recording the video. It is highly impossible but it would be exceptionally well if Apple adds in real time photo and video effects.

4G LTE Connectivity & NFC Mobile Payments

Apple iPhone 5 Will Feature Worldwide 4G LTE Connectivity

Current iPhone has every connectivity feature except 4G LTE and NFC. We are pretty sure that it will introduce NFC to improve the ‘Passbook’ feature. Also, the Retina iPad already has 4G LTE radios, so it is logical that Apple can carry forward it to the iPhone 5.

Social Networking Friendly iOS 6

iPhone 5 Will Feature Latest iOS 6

We all know that the iPhone 5 will launch with iOS 6 on board, which has been showcased already in the WWDC 2012. So there is nothing which can be surprising at the time of iPhone 5 launch. The iOS 6 features all new Maps with flyover feature, traffic information and turn by turn voice navigation. It also brings more intelligent Siri which now has an ability to recognize more languages as well as launching apps. It has native Facebook integration throughout the iOS with ability to like songs, apps and games in App Store. You can now synchronize contacts and calendar. The improved iCloud now features shared photo streams so that you can share photos with your friends and family. They can comment and like the photos through Facebook. It has Passbook app for mobile payments as well as an ability to have FaceTime calls over 3G network. You can now send calls directly to voicemail, reject calls with message or remind yourself to call people. You can even activate ‘do not disturb’ for a set time so that you do not receive any notifications. It has iCloud tabs for browser tab syncing across devices on iOS 6 and Mac OS X.

Larger Battery for Extended Usage

Apple iPhone 5 Battery Capacity

There has been a nice trend of incorporating large capacity batteries among the Android mobile phone manufacturers as of late. It will help in keeping the phones functional for 2-3 days similar to the Motorola Droid Razr Maxx. Also, the battery used in the new Retina iPad is double the capacity compared to the iPad 2. If Apple could repeat the stunt once again, iPhone 5 could have among one among the battery life in all the smartphones.


We wish that most of the predictions written here to come true. A double capacity battery and 128 GB storage option are some features which are probably not coming true but they are always nice to have which will help iPhone 5 become a dream come true smartphone. But even without them, the iPhone 5 as the best smartphone ever because Apple always focuses on the right mix of hardware, software and features. At the time of launch, iPhone 5 price should be similar to the iPhone 4S due to Apple’s pricing strategy.


  1. Well written Asif. iPhone 5 is going to be the Amazing iPhone Yet and not going to be the best phone ever at least in spec-2-spec comparison with Samsung Galaxy S3. Lets wait for another 2 days to know whether the predictions will be true or it will be as disappointing as 4S release.

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